Vertical Laminar Flow – Class ISO 5 type UNIVERS MV/MV Protection Product ADVANTAGES Manual regulation Economical solution Glass volume Flip window UV (especially for PCR / see PCR brochure) The ISO 5 class hoods are designed to protect the product with vertical sterile airflow. The enclosure is easy to assemble and can be installed by you. Vertical Laminar Flow – Class ISO 5 type VFL Protection Product ADVANTAGES Great working height Economical solution COPLAST structure/Anti-static PVC The VFL is a vertical flow cabinet manufactured in COPLAST. COPLAST is an ultra-clean expanded PVC for easy cleaning and decontamination. Its properties allow it to be installed in a cleanroom and the handling of sensitive products. The filtration system based on a self-regulating […] Horizontal Laminar Flow / Laminar Wall tpe MS CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT / PROTECTION FROM HANDLING The horizontal laminar flow creates an overpressure zone guaranteeing a sterile environment (ISO 5 or ISO 4 class). FEATURES • One-click start-up • COPLAST structure (expanded PVC) • G4 pre-filter • H14 absolute filter • Single ECM fan (automatic flow regulation) • LCD display (speed, clogging, alarms) • Low […] VERTICAL LAMINAR FLOW ISO 5 & ISO 4 type PS Protection Product GMP: Grade A The vertical  laminar flow creates an overpressure zone, to guarantee a clean environment in sterile environment, up to ISO 5 (or better) ADVANTAGES Custom made Automatic flow rate control ECM Cost effective solution for large volumes Horizontal Laminar Flow cabinet type OPTIGEL ISO 3 to ISO 5 EN14644 Optigel type hoods are designed to protect the product thanks to a class ISO 5 horizontal laminar airflow. Opens completely Automatic Regulation ECM Plexiglass side windows Stainless steel work surface In addition to offering high-quality protection against contamination, the OPTIGEL hood is also safe and reliable in the long term. Its powerful, fully automatic (ECM […]